VQCD makes comfort content for your face as a faux-bespoke media and entertainment “company” that creates and distributes premium  content


it’s just me expressing my desires through any means I can get my hands on.  If I had nothing to say then I’d just spend my time playing Gacha Games.

Founded in 2019, VQCD started as a creative outlet for me to fulfill my desire to make creepy drawings and share internet links, but since then the links have disappeared and I’ve run out of excuses to not be constantly making stuff

Inspired by the output of G4TechTV, 4Chan(moot) Era Internet, and the sprawling Goth Culture that has grown in the last decade.


What is worth saying?  What is the value in art?   Is there any point to doing anything but playing Gacha Games?

Why didn’t I just become a lawyer and contribute something of worth to society?   ah, well – you see….uhm, errr, uhhhhh


just click on one of the things below and get outta here, I need a moment alone to cry