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What is this//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
This is a Collection of Artwork made between 2018-ish and 2022, some of it Private Artwork made for friends and largely artwork made for myself.
I like to look back on these images and I dont know – It’s just marvelous how much I was able to make, some of it is tacky, but some of it is also neat.
I never really thought of Drawing as something relaxing, but it sort of is Relaxing, and I feel like I get a small bit of sense of where my mind was at the time.
If you are a fellow artist, please feel free to send me a critique, that may be an opportunity for me to redraw something interesting with the skills I’ve developed.
Or check out my newer more recent works at:

Why this was made/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Internet Bandwidth is tedious, and databases are even more difficult to organize. I had lofty ideas for a booru style page, but I felt like I couldn’t justify that extra effort on my older works. As I transition into a new phase of deliberate Themed Collection Art, I may revisit those Goals in tandem with my Super Cartoonist Project, but I also wanted to get these things in one place

About Me//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////